Friday, July 15, 2011

Fridays will be Different...Thanks to Dorman, Bill Dorman!

So after featuring six super ladies (me, Janine, Samantha, Melanie, Diana, Roberta) I pester the Invisible Blogger, Bill Dorman to be thankful this week! If you have no idea what I am talking about, do check out how I force people into being thankful on Fridays!

So, what does the James Bond persona-like Bill Dorman have to goes:

We all have something to be thankful for, right? Even if we are the mushroom in the middle of a field and a cow comes by and deposits a ‘patty’ right on top of our heads; at least it kept us out of the sun, huh?

Here is what floats my boat and I’m thankful for:

1.       I’m thankful for being perfect; and I don’t mean kind of perfect, but the hair never out of place, breath always fresh, doodie never stinks and never annoying kind of perfect.

  1. I’m also thanking for being so cool; the kind of cool that everyone wants to hang with me and copy what I’m doing.
  2. And I certainly can’t leave out good looking; the kind of good looking that makes women stare and men are so jealous they want to fight me.
  3. How can I not bring up popular; so popular that I block calls from Charlie Sheen and Tom Cruise because they became such incredible douche bags and I can’t have them sullying my reputation?
  4. Finally, I’m just thankful for being me; I mean I have to pinch myself everyday and sometimes more than once a day to remind me this is real, I’m living the dream.
Ok, that was my attempt at humor and before everybody thinks I am the ultimate douche bag, let me tell you what I’m really thankful for.

1.       I am certainly thankful for my family and my health.

2.       I am thankful for my friends, both on and off line as they energize me and give me a sense of purpose. I appreciate them immensely.

3.       I am thankful for being smart enough to know I’m not going to win just by showing up; anything worth doing is going to take preparation, time and effort.

4.       I am thankful for the simple things including Hajra inviting me to be a part of her Friday series.

5.       Finally, I’m thankful I like to help others any way I can and a big believer in paying it forward. I like to give with no expectations in return.

So, that was Bill saying how thankful he is. And don’t worry he isn’t as invisible as his blog says. You can just find him everywhere….and I mean, everywhere! And tell us, could you relate to this “good looking, popular amazingly perfect” Bill…. Or just compliment him!

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