Friday, July 22, 2011

Fridays will be Different... Thanks to "Techie" Carolyn!

Another Friday…after a week of featuring the amazing Bill Dorman, I fell silent. Yes, a new job, entering the corporate sector has already had its toll on me in just one week! Also, Bill was so amazing that I had to shut up! So, this week there is nobody as thankful as I am for the week to end and to breathe a sigh of relief for two days – yes, we have Fridays and Saturdays off this end of the world!

But, then I find the amazing Carolyn Nicander Mohr to come across and be thankful for me. Yes, let her do all the talking. My tired fingers are too tired to “talk”!
What has she to be all thankful about! 

  1. My amazing husband. I am blessed to be married to a man who goes beyond my dreams. My marriage gives me the foundation and freedom to grow as a person. My husband is a quiet hero who does a lot of good in the world that few people know about.

  2. My awesome daughters. Everyone marvels at their babies when they are born, but you don't know who they will become as they grow older. My daughters are loving, caring girls who are fun to be around. I know, I sound like a proud mama, and I am!

  3. I have good health. My mother never lived to be the age I am now, so I appreciate every day that I have enjoyed good health.

  4. My friends. I have incredible friends who support me when I rise and when I fall. I have made great friends online recently through my blogging who astound me with their support. I am very grateful for the kindness of friends, both close and far away.

  5. Living in a place of peace. I live in a beautiful area of the world that gives me peace. I have lived in many places but right now I am living in my favorite place I have ever lived. If I hadn't moved around so much I may never have appreciated how incredible it is to live in a place of peace.

Do say hi to Carolyn, she is very “technical” at her Wonder of Tech! And she is a wonderful visitor too! Say hi, share your thanks and visit her blog… do your Friday bit!

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