Sunday, September 5, 2010


Numbers have always confused me, made me numb, scared the life out of me, made me fake stomach aches, sometimes actually gave me stomach aches but, to sum it all numbers and I have never been on good terms. I mean, I’ve tried my best and I still am, but numbers and I never seem to hit it off and no matter how hard I try, they just don’t leave me. I’ve tried many times, but numbers and I never seem to part ways.

After having my fair share of quarrels and struggles with numbers as a math student, I decided to end it right there. No more mathematics or statistics or anything remotely “numerical”. My decision was harsh, but I had to do something about it. I chose to study human behavior – I mean that doesn’t have numbers right? But sadly I was wrong, destiny had other plans – it had teamed up with numbers and they decided to play it rough. Now, even after all my endeavors to avoid the inevitable, I find myself at the losing side. I am being bombarded by the number attack from all ends and I am having a hard time.

There is no winning absolutely. My performance as a student is still judged by numbers. My “popularity” depends on the “number of friends” on a networking site. My success in the gym depends on the number of calories I lose or the number of inches lesser on the waist. My health depends on the number of healthy meals per week, or the number of times I exercise or the number of glasses of water I gulp down. From remembering pin codes to mobile numbers to security codes to credit card numbers to salary to locker combinations to shoe sizes to birthdays and anniversaries -- how on earth did I think I could ever escape numbers.

All I do now is pray for a numberless existence… Amen..