Saturday, November 27, 2010


The last month saw me take upon a very daunting yet much awaited job of babysitting my sisters’ kids. Now I say daunting because of many reasons – they are two of them aged 4 and 3, they live miles and miles away from me so it might take them time to “like” me and so on. And I say much awaited because of many reasons – they are most adorable beings I have ever laid my eyes on, they call me “little aunt” which makes me feel young and they are just the best.

Though I may take on my ordeal later on, the foremost thing I learned from the job bestowed on me was babies are better than us big ones!
Now disagree all you want, but I give you 3 good reasons for my conclusion:

1. They love you just the way you are
You don’t need to dress up for babies, you don’t need to put on makeup, you don’t need to be all intelligent, well read, aware of current issues, technology savvy. You just have to be fun, capable of having a good time and enjoy their games as if you were that age and they are happy! All that my 4 year old nephew wanted out of me was to be fun at barbeque and the 3 year angelic niece wanted a good push on the swings.

2. They don’t lie about important things
Yes, they may “lie” about not being hungry and not being sleepy and all but they would never lie about the “important” things like where they were, who they were talking to, who their friends are, what they do with their friends.

3. They like the simple things in life
They aren’t about Blackberry, Apple, IPods, Ferraris, Porsches, CK, DKNY or similar. All they go “crazy” about is ice creams, chocolate and crayons. My nephew niece would just crave for a Baskin Robbins to get over their “blues”, that would be their indulgent shopping!

Now this may not something everyone agrees with, but this was so true in my case and all I hope now is that I get more of this babysitting opportunities so that I pamper them a lot more and I keep being the lovable aunt to the two of the most fabulous kids ever…Amen!!!