Saturday, December 25, 2010


Come December and the pessimist in me gets into the super active mode. The year is ending and so are my hopes of keeping up to promises I made (to myself mostly). Promises and plans that include resolutions change of habits, commitments to family and friends, weight loss regimes, promises of being a better, refined and different being. I mean, who keeps resolutions....they are for the weak and I was too strong to give in to that pressure the first eleven months.

So tired of evaluation and re-evaluation and feeling low, I decided to change the whole pattern of looking at the month of December. Instead of Happy New Year and going through the trouble of “planning ahead” I decided to take my own course and have a celebration of my own.  And I named it “Happy Old Year”.

This is how it works, no matter how miserable the year has been I will end it on a happy note. I will do things I like and enjoy, not caring whether they fit into my plan of action.

So this December I got a hold of a bestseller that I have been planning to read since January 2010 and actually finished it within a week! That was week one.

Week two and three saw me travelling, not something extravagant, just a change of city. That plan included visiting all the touristy places, doing all the touristy things, eating to all heart’s content (not necessarily heart harming). And yes, laptop doesn’t figure in the plans of Happy Old Year. That makes Happy Old Year real angry.

As for the last week, that has me winding up the year, a little sour, a little sweet but at least I am ending happy. The sweet taste lingers and as for the New Year.... I will take it as it comes. There’s always a next December!

So how are you celebrating Happy Old Year?