Saturday, December 25, 2010


Come December and the pessimist in me gets into the super active mode. The year is ending and so are my hopes of keeping up to promises I made (to myself mostly). Promises and plans that include resolutions change of habits, commitments to family and friends, weight loss regimes, promises of being a better, refined and different being. I mean, who keeps resolutions....they are for the weak and I was too strong to give in to that pressure the first eleven months.

So tired of evaluation and re-evaluation and feeling low, I decided to change the whole pattern of looking at the month of December. Instead of Happy New Year and going through the trouble of “planning ahead” I decided to take my own course and have a celebration of my own.  And I named it “Happy Old Year”.

This is how it works, no matter how miserable the year has been I will end it on a happy note. I will do things I like and enjoy, not caring whether they fit into my plan of action.

So this December I got a hold of a bestseller that I have been planning to read since January 2010 and actually finished it within a week! That was week one.

Week two and three saw me travelling, not something extravagant, just a change of city. That plan included visiting all the touristy places, doing all the touristy things, eating to all heart’s content (not necessarily heart harming). And yes, laptop doesn’t figure in the plans of Happy Old Year. That makes Happy Old Year real angry.

As for the last week, that has me winding up the year, a little sour, a little sweet but at least I am ending happy. The sweet taste lingers and as for the New Year.... I will take it as it comes. There’s always a next December!

So how are you celebrating Happy Old Year?


zaheen said...

Certainly yes, i'm going to celebrate the "happy old year" too. Although the new year is a few days away, i will be happier reliving my year which is almost gone, free from the social accountability of some coward resolutions. I have many reasons for doing this, the first and foremost is your blog of course which had me all for it, i pondered over the anonymity of the time which hasn't arrived yet, and the proximity of the moments which sum up my year passing by.
Secondly,being a student of psychology, i was taught a phenomenon, which is called the 'recency effect', so summing up the all the happiness, dizziness, excitement, adventure, love, affection, friends, enemies, praises, envies, losses and gains, at the end of year will be something i'll remind myself in the days approaching, that way i'll be living old year literally. Finally,as i opened my eyes in this world during a December, it seems to be a close relative of mine, so i'm very specific about my preferences likewise, thanks HAJRA for such a beautiful and novel thought, this is more realistic and practical than the silly notions of new year resolutions to me, godbless.

Hajra said...

Thank you!! The message I wish to send across is to end on a happy note...really no point in sulking. 2010 was such a challenging year, here's hoping 2011 is bright, beautiful and healthy!

Happy Old Year!

Brenda Bernstein said...

How about taking stock of all the things you *did* accomplish this year? You might find there's a lot more to celebrate than you had thought!

Rosanne Dingli said...

Organisation ... I need to get my head around time management!

PL@Yb0y said...

Lol! thats an excellent idea to celebrate what we've been through for a Year

Hajra said...

@ Brenda - Personally it has been a bad year...I try doing that but somehow the pessimism in me prevails!!
Thanks for stopping by!

@ Rosanne - Time Management is a mystery..!!! Thanks for commenting!

@ Playboy - Thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

Happy old year is a great way to start the new year. There is always something positive to look back on even when the over all feeling is down.

No resolutions for me. I have evolutions instead. Have a very Happy New Year.

lilypond said...

Brilliant idea. Luckily I still have a week left to follow suit.Looking very much forward a last happy week in the old year.

Anonymous said...

A new perspective,I must say.
Hats Off to you,Hajra.
Will follow YOU.

Hajra said...

Hey Diane - Thanks a lot. The whole point is about ending on a happy note. Glad to know you feel the same. Hope you have a great 2011!

Hey Inka - so nice to hear from you! Going by the pictures on your blog, You had a fun year! So you have a great happy old year! Have a great 2011!

Hey Rashid - Thanks a lot for reading and appreciating. It is always nice to receive such great feedback.

Mike Spinak said...

I'm celebrating by playing with my closest friends, and their little kids. They are joy for me.

I wish you happiness.


Heart@Work said...

I am just celebrating and being thankful for what I did and didn't accomplish. Thanks for the reminder about celebrating this current year we are in.

Ankita said...

This is a great concept Hajra, one which might gain a cult following! 'Happy Old Year!'..Brilliant! :) It really is much better than 'New year resolutions'. Those just leave you feeling like a failure when you realize you've not accomplished them. You call yourself A 'Pessimist' but I feel that you are an Optimist just sparring with your Pessimistic side! Really enjoyed this piece. Kudos!!!

BizBuyer said...

It's almost like Festivus for the rest of us!!

I'm penciling it in for December 2011. And oh yeah, is too short to sweat the small stuff.

Anonymous said...

Hang in the Hajra - 2011 WILL be good. I totally feel for you about 2010, as it's been a pretty bad year for lots of people, including myself, but there have been some shining lights which thankfully are ending this year on a happy note. Enjoy the last few days!

Rahil said...

wow!! a happy old year sounds much better than a happy new year!
infact I recently finished my exams and I thought I should start getting myself organised in a couple of things I have been trying to do since mid-year 2010.. this really helps Hajra.. ok I gotta start gettin organised..
btw thanks for the read.. it was warm :)

Hajra said...

@ Mike - Hope you have fun!

@ Ankita - Thanks for your kind are awfully sweet!

@ Janine - Good Luck for 2011!...I am all for "leaving behind" this year.

@ Rahil - Thanks a lot...hope your results are good!... irrespectively, hope 2011 brings a lot of joy for you!

MADDY said...

Loved the concept of Happy old year..:)

Rosanne Dingli said...

It was not bad in retrospect - but then, I live in a pretty okay city!

Neneng Tarigan said...

What important in work and life is doing what we love to do and how our work is useful to others. Hajra to that point, your year 2010 is successful, coz your blog got a lot of visitors who read and leave comment. That would not be the case if your blog contents were not interesting. So, happy old year and welcome a brighter 2011!