Tuesday, March 29, 2011


So this amazing red head - Janine Ripper - has given me one of the best gifts of the blogging journey – The Versatile Blogger Award. For bloggers, that is like yay!; for those who don’t know any better – all awards are nice, let’s just keep it at that and be happy for me!

There are rules though. I have to now “bestow” the honor onto seven others and write down seven random things about myself!  This doesn’t seem to hard, I am good at ranting! So here goes …
Seven random things about myself:

  1. My immune system is a total mess. I get a cold every time the weather changes. I thought about this because I am sick at the moment!
  2. I am a total junk food lover. No amount of healthy eating facts can deter my love for it.
  3. I talk way too much. If you know me personally, you are definitely nodding your head vigorously at this! Yes, way too much and too fast!
  4. I don’t like cricket (the game). I thought of this because with the Cricket World Cup going on and the fact that I am so not interested in it despite hailing from a cricket – crazy country and a cricket crazy family. So nowadays, I am surrounded by this “unwanted” cricket frenzy!
  5. I will probably be treated for shoe obsession sometime in the near future. I have never come empty handed out of a shoe store! Surprisingly, I HATE shopping otherwise!
  6. As a kid, I was scared of water and thus never learnt how to swim properly. To this day, I can just do it to the point of saving myself from drowning!
  7. I love singing and I have the worst singing voice ever! But that doesn’t stop me…I still sing out loud!
Ok, so now I have to pick my seven others to pass this on to. So here goes:

  1. Heather Fonseca at Heather’s Design Blog
  2. Inka at Glamour Granny Travels
  3. Veronica Campos – Hallstrom at Club Creative Studio
  4. Cathy Jones at Just My Thoughts
  5. Linda Esposito at Talk Therapy Biz
  6. Bonnie Copeland at My Rivendell
  7. Michael at OutMaturity
Ok guys, for those who have to pass it on there are two rules : One, say seven things about yourself. Two, share the award with seven other people.

Don’t you just love blogging!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Some Special Women...and a Big Sorry and Thank you!

I was recently invited by a blogging “buddy” Janine Ripper to participate in Emergen's Blogging for a Cause for International Women's DayAnd it took me days to figure out what to write something which should suit the “mood” of my blog! So here’s what I came up with. This Women’s Day I am going to make the women in my life feel special…. By dedicating a whole blog post about them, by doing something I might not have done before: saying sorry to them.

Mom: Sorry for being messy, for not making my bed, for not saying “I love you too”, for not taking your calls or for not returning them, for not buying the clothes you wanted me to wear, for snapping back and for being the nasty person I always am! Thank you for surviving it all!

Sisters: For being critical, for being the spoilt younger brat, for getting you both in trouble… and thanks for covering up….always!

Best friends: Not surprisingly…all of them are girls! Sorry for not returning your calls, for not meeting up often and for all the times when I just couldn’t be there! Thanks a ton for being the most amazing, most giggly, gossipy and just the best friends always!

My niece: Sorry young lady…but I just don’t have anything to be sorry about…I have always been my best with you….probably, you might be writing a tribute about your wonderful aunt few years from now! Thanks for making me fall in love with babies!

So who are the special women in your life and how are you making them feel special? 

Friday, March 4, 2011


I wasn’t feeling well a few days back and it got me nastier than ever! And I have bad writers block during bad health times. And I got nastier (yes, even more). And suddenly I was reminded of an activity I was introduced to in my first psychology class. Don’t worry, no Freudian philosophy, just a simple activity to get to know oneself better.

As we sat there waiting in anticipation of what a first psychology class will bring, in walked a pretty Professor and after the preliminary introduction she asked us to rip out a piece of paper and do this. Write down three good qualities about yourself, more if you can come up with it. Oh, what fun we had…. Honest, truthful, friendly, sociable, jovial, fun – loving, never say die attitude…plenty came up with up to ten adjectives to prove what a “fun” and “nice” person we are!

Then came the hard part… yes, it always follows the fun. We were instructed to rip out papers again and write three bad qualities about you… anything which you don’t like about yourself and something “bad”… Oh we all had a tough time. Chewing pencils, scratching heads, empty glances, peeping into others ripped blank pieces of paper. After the given five minutes, everyone ended up with a maximum of two or less “something bad” about their selves. When questioned, some responded this way: I might be a bit nasty but only when someone irks me to do so; I might be short tempered but why do people make me angry?

We had learnt our lesson… before psychoanalyzing others, learn about yourself…know your strengths, but know your weaknesses better and work on them!

As for me these are my three “something bad” – I get pretty nasty, I complain a lot (quite obvious from my blog….read more of it!) and I talk way too much.
So tell me, what is your “three something bad”; throw in your three “something good” to make yourself feel better!