Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Some Special Women...and a Big Sorry and Thank you!

I was recently invited by a blogging “buddy” Janine Ripper to participate in Emergen's Blogging for a Cause for International Women's DayAnd it took me days to figure out what to write something which should suit the “mood” of my blog! So here’s what I came up with. This Women’s Day I am going to make the women in my life feel special…. By dedicating a whole blog post about them, by doing something I might not have done before: saying sorry to them.

Mom: Sorry for being messy, for not making my bed, for not saying “I love you too”, for not taking your calls or for not returning them, for not buying the clothes you wanted me to wear, for snapping back and for being the nasty person I always am! Thank you for surviving it all!

Sisters: For being critical, for being the spoilt younger brat, for getting you both in trouble… and thanks for covering up….always!

Best friends: Not surprisingly…all of them are girls! Sorry for not returning your calls, for not meeting up often and for all the times when I just couldn’t be there! Thanks a ton for being the most amazing, most giggly, gossipy and just the best friends always!

My niece: Sorry young lady…but I just don’t have anything to be sorry about…I have always been my best with you….probably, you might be writing a tribute about your wonderful aunt few years from now! Thanks for making me fall in love with babies!

So who are the special women in your life and how are you making them feel special? 

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Anonymous said...

Sweet post! Love that you are writing to the most important gals in a girls life!