Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Really, who are we again?

Two weeks back I wrote a post titled Who are we. And as many suggested, and gave in their inputs – there are two ways of looking at who we are. How we define ourselves and how others chose to define us. Depends on what you want to go with.

So, after the on going kvetch about how and who and what I think I am, I thought we could go into the second aspect. What do others think of us? I mean, it’s really okay what they think of us. But how do they remember us. What of our features stand out the most? And how do we remember others.

Just the other day I ran into a college “friend”. Seems like we took classes together for two years, lived just a city away and have been “friends” on Facebook for a long time now. But how do I remember her… ah, not by any of that. I remember her as “the girl who cheated on a Social Psychology monthly test and got caught and got kicked out of the class”. Yes, so much for Social Psychology and so much for memories.

Then, a few years back when I fell into this social media craze, I get a request from a girl who I went to school with way back in fifth grade. And how does the all grown up and supposedly mature 23 year old introduce herself, “Remember I am the girl who exchanged Boyzone posters with you. And you didn’t return my poster. I still remember that” … I mean, Gosh… that girl knows me by my “poster-not-returning” tactics. And that is what she will always remember me by. The non-poster returner Hajra.

Besides, one sad poster exchange gone all wrong, the consensus is that people remember me by the way I talk – too much, too fast. Some might remember the Psycho factor in me (Ha Ha, I am just referring to my subject), some might remember me as the girl with the colorful flip-flops, some as the one who wrote wonderful blog posts (Yes, I ain’t modest), some as the speaks-her-mind-way-too-much person, or else. Sometimes I care, sometimes I don’t. But yes, I still keep talking. Hoping that people remember me for what I made them kvetch about and how I brightened  their dull day (I said I wasn’t modest).

So, tell me, what do you refer to me by… what do others refer to you as? You like it that way? Or do you think there should be a change in the way others think about you?

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