Friday, June 3, 2011

Fridays will be different…. Thankfully!

Ok, enough of kvetching! Oh, no, no, I ain’t shutting my blog….just decided to add a new twist to it! Though I try to “kvetch” at least twice a week…life is happening pretty darn fast for me to catch up (there you go again….) so I thought we could crib and cry once a week and try to be thankful on Fridays!

Yes, everywhere I go I see people talking about how life is treating them bad, how they need to be inspired and motivated; how they feel the constant urge to prove themselves right, how plans are going crazy wrong and how everything is messed up. So although, all that holds true; we could still come by every now and then and kvetch! We could also, end the week on a happy and in your face laughing note on why the next week will be better!

So starting this Friday; here are my top reasons of why and what I am thankful for during recent times!

From my trip to celebrate weight loss!
  1. I am thankful the world didn’t end as was “suspected”. I got to meet my nephew and niece. I would have missed that if the world decided to shut down.
  2. I am thankful I came up with this idea to blog. Otherwise another week with no post!
  3. I am thankful that I lost some weight this week; no not running, jogging and all that; just really bad summer is sweating it all off. I treated myself to ice cream to “celebrate”!
  4.  I am thankful that humidity still hasn’t struck its high in my good hot city. July will be a month where I kvetch about humidity!
  5. I am SO SO SO thankful that only one of my friends got engaged in the past five months. Yes, many of my friends are married or engaged to be married and that makes us not-ready-to-commit types feeling a bit “left out”. So thank God, just one “I am happy for you but OMG-not-you-too” situation!
So there, my top five for the week! Want to join in, comment below or get in touch with me! I might want to feature yours next Friday! Yes, saves me the trouble of coming up with a post and you do all the “writing”!

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