Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fridays will be different....Thanks to Melanie!

So another Friday and another week to stop whining and taking time to being thankful. If you are new here then go check out the Friday rituals to see what we have been doing here: the first where I was thankful, then Janine and Samantha.

This week I have the grand Melanie Kissell of Solo Mompreneur. I met Melanie through a blogging club and it has been wonderful knowing the lady with the long comments! Yes, she writes the most amazing comments that are thoughtful, genuine and has taken effort. If you have a blog, then you should definitely have Melanie there to comment on it; makes your day! So here’s what the lovely lady has to be thankful for:

The lovely Melanie!
Migraines and dirty dishes.

Who can say they're thankful for those two things?

I can!
Now don't think I'm not grateful for things like good friends, nice neighbors, a wonderful blogging community, a reliable vehicle, and a pulse ... because I am!

But the following are what I'm REALLY thankful for.

1.) I loved kaleidoscopes as a child - all those really cool geometric shapes and colors. Now that I'm an adult, I'm so thankful I suffer with ocular migraines. I get to see all those beautiful shapes and colors flashing in front of my eyes again!

2.) I'm really thankful for the absolute *guarantee* it's going to rain as soon as I've spent hours washing and detailing my car. It's an amazing phenomenon. We get lots of "dry spells" here in Southern California. No problem. I've discovered a way to end the drought. Wash my car. How empowering is THAT?!

3.) The dishwasher is broken in my apartment. It's never worked since my daughters and I moved in almost two years ago, and I couldn't be happier. I'm so thankful to have piles of dishes to wash each week and the opportunity to prove Palmolive dishwashing liquid really does soften your hands! I've used so much of their product, I'm sure Palmolive is going to contact me to do a television commercial.

4.) There's nothing finer than paying almost $200 a month for T.V., phone, and internet service (you know, the infamous "bundle"?) and having your service fail on you at least every other week. I'm extremely thankful for those outages! I get to use my cell phone and talk to all kinds of interesting customer service representatives from foreign countries. I feel so lucky. Not everyone can say they've spoken to someone in the People's Republic of Bangladesh!

5.) I'm very thankful for the 7 - 10 loads of laundry I tackle every week. It's a nice diversion from dusting and vacuuming. With two daughters, seems like the dirty clothes bin is never empty. The only thing that's empty around here is the toilet paper spindle -- the minute "I" need to use the bathroom. I can't thank my girls enough for doing their part to make sure I never have any leisure time. And anyway, mothers weren't put on this earth to have fun (were they?).

So, that was Melanie’s thankful Friday moment. Say hi to Melanie and tell her how much fun you had reading the post! Also, do visit her blog and pretty please her to visit yours if you want some amazing input to your posts!
P.S. It was her Birthday…wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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