Friday, July 8, 2011

Fridays will be different...Thanks to Roberta!

Friday again! Time to meet someone new and see what they are thankful for! If you have missed the series and trying to figure out what we are talking about check out the following thankful:
Me, Janine, Samantha, Melanie, Diana!
So, this Friday time for ROBERTA BUDVIETAS of Get Out of Stuck. A brilliant lady who helps you get out of “sticky” situations and much more! So, what’s Roberta all thankful about:

• Baking with my granddaughter

• Watching my husband and granddaughter create robots or origami

• Christmas day or any holiday when my children and grandchildren are around or at least in touch

• Being able to see the ocean whenever I want by walking a short distance with my husband

• Watching old movies and sharing the tears with my husband

• Snuggling in bed and reading a good book

• Speaking to a group of people and making a difference to one or two of them

• Soaking in Paradise pools and enjoying the heat and beauty of natural hot springs in Rotorua.

Say Hello to her! And do find your way to her awesome blog too!
So what are you thankful for this week? Anything similar? Or has it been a bad week? Would love to hear you’ll kvell!

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