Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Getting up on the wrong side can be good!

You know, those days when you get up on the wrong side of the bed…not left or right or whatever superstition you go by; just the wrong side. Yes, those miserably terrible days when everything makes you go Aaargh…; well I have been having those days quite often lately.

The days when even the coffee turns out bad (Gosh!); the days when the hair just won’t settle; when the wind will blow out the perfect hairdo; everyone around you will seem chirpy, happy and all bright and beautiful.

The day when you have to send out an important mail and the internet has connectivity issues and the phone is not working and the mobile just crashed into bits and pieces.

The day when you just snap at everyone and don’t feel the guilt, don’t cringe after doing it and don’t worry about it until the “bad day grumpiness” wears off.  

Well, I don’t mind them actually. They do strike once in a while to make us get back to our grumpy old selves. Call me sadist, but getting up on the wrong side has its benefits. Yes, not for you specifically but in general. People around you are “scared”; yes, I don’t know about kids; but parents seem to nag a little less when you are having those days; one look and your colleagues know that today isn’t the day they should be messing with your coffee, your boss will shout irrespectively of anything and THEN THE BOSS will feel guilty because you just gave him a nasty stare!

So, the next time you are having a bad day; use it to your advantage! People need a little dose of the nasty you… be nasty!

So, when was the last “wrong side of the bed” day you had? Had fun or just grumped along?

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