Saturday, July 2, 2011

Why You SHOULD Be Lazy!

I have always been a lazy girl. Like I said earlier, mommy dearest kept telling me that if I got anymore lazier, spiders would be making webs around me and the sofa.

Not that I am proud but my laziness just got me a guest post! Yes, I am kinda proud about that. On Linda's blog about positively spinning your life, I talk about why we need to stop, take a pause for some time and just be lazy. Not that I am endorsing being on the couch with a pack of chips and grunting when the remote doesn't work. While, that sounds just lovely, that gets people into a lot of trouble. Long term trouble actually. And if your mommy is nearby, big trouble! 

So, the guest post tells you to "Stop Right there, Don't Even Think About Reading This. You're Much too Busy...Aren't you? But please do, do read it! :)

So head over to Linda's blog, where I talk about being lazy, why and how you SHOULD be lazy. Join in the conversation. Tell us if you enjoy taking it easy for a while. Whether you are just too busy and needed a reminder. And how you enjoy being lazy! 

P.S. I am closing comments on this post (Oh, how I hate closing them!) so that you people do hop in there to give in your two cents! 

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