Saturday, August 20, 2011

I have moved!

Yes, I got my own domain and still figuring out so many things! 

Though I like blogger, I got a domain and shifted my stuff there! I haven't done the redirecting you guys directly there trick yet! Will do that some time soon. So to keep you all informed and to continue the lovely support you all give to my blog, do come across my newer, hopefully more better blog!

So, come visit me at Hajra Kvetches (Yes, didn't change the title!). And it has been one year to blogging! So, that's why all this! :) I am celebrating my blog's birthday there!  

Saturday, August 13, 2011

My Seven Deadly Links...

So, last week I had nothing to blog about and my partner - in -crime Janine Ripper helps me out. Yes, she gives me this "challenge" and nominates me in this My 7 links project. Well, this isn't like any other award but it's way more scarier. I had to rate my own blog posts! But each one is like my lil baby... all precious but I had to pick it anyways - like Roy says, Janine made me do it! 

My Most Beautiful Post: I couldn't understand what beautiful meant to me. But my nephew and niece had come over for an amazing vacation and I wrote a post about Why Babies are Better. That was lovely and my nephew complimented me beautifully... he always does!

My Most Popular Post: I wish all. But in terms of statistics the one that did really well was the One about Study Habits (because it got over 70 comments and over 400 page views!) 

My Most Controversial Post: I don't think I write controversial posts... maybe because I am a little scared to do that here! But something I thought would have a lot of mixed reactions was when I was targeting people on what they really mean when they use these cliches. But then it didn't create much controversy anyway!

My Most Helpful Post: None! I just do a lot of Yikkity Yak! But a lot of students got back to me when I wrote about Study Habits and could actually apply it to their study patterns and how much they could relate. So I was very happy after that! 

A Post whose Success Surprises me: Just last week when I wrote about nothing to blog about. I loved the support and what every blogger thought that they could relate. I thought they would go like this "Oh, so this is the blogger who doesn't know what to blog about!" Didn't happen!

A post I feel didn't get the attention it deserved: Many! LOL! But the post which I enjoyed writing and din't get the attention I thought it would was this - What is your three something bad?

The Post I am Most Proud of: All! Yes. I love all my posts very much. They liberate me, make me happy and I just love them all. But then I have to pick one... the one which talks about finding my identity! And I loved the response too! 

So, Phew... I thought it would be easy. But this was the TOUGHEST blogging thing ever. So, now for the evil act of nominating four lovely people... (Evil Laugh!). I wanted to trap Bill Dorman and Roy Ackerman but seems like others have already done that! So here goes...

Looking forward to your posts! Also, others, do leave your seven links.. would love to read them! Good Day!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

What now?

Okay. So here’s a confession.

I really don’t know what to blog about!

Maybe it is the cold, maybe the fasting (Yes, it’s Ramadan!) or maybe the same old laziness. But I really don’t know what I should blog about.

I haven’t blogged for about a week and still don’t know what I should be saying this time.
I thought I would do a recycling of an old post; or just a last minute attempt at something. But I just can’t seem to do it.
And to think to about it, I am closing in on my one year blog anniversary! Yes, almost ten more days to go before I complete one year! And I am already lost for ideas.

I never thought I could run out of ideas for complaining so soon; or that I just ran out of creative juices flowing all around my head – if I had any in the first place!

No, it’s not that. Maybe all that corporate job stress is making me think about nothing else but working. Yes, let’s put the blame on something else.

Or maybe, I should run into events that make me all nasty. Yes, it’s destiny’s fault.

Or maybe it is just because I am so lazy! My fault…. Hard to believe I just said that! (Sneer)

So, come just tell me what to blog about. Or what you did when everything decided to shut that blogging creativity of ours… yes, you can be immodest and tell me how you never run out of ideas.