Tuesday, April 12, 2011


The other day I was watching a reality show on television. The show was about blind dates and had a couple of over enthusiastic teenagers with hopes of being the next television stars. So out comes the girl who was supposed to be the “catch of the day” and seeing the haggard, overtly plump and “jeans and t-shirt” clad girl, one guy says this “Did I come all the way for this obese, dumb behenji” (behenji is a Hindi phrase, check out its meaning!).

Now as a viewer I had a good laugh but seeing the poor girls face and reaction, I thought oh my, she will need therapy some years from now. So does saying as it is, always hurt? I mean, no matter how much we rattle on about being the “straight forward” and “direct” and “what I think is what I speak”, are we really so?
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Are we really going to have fun or some hearts will be truly broken?

Imagine telling someone they look way fat, or that their dress isn’t pretty, or that you are simple tired of listening to their success stories, tired of listening to what a terrible time they just had, the color of lipstick they have been wearing for years doesn’t suit them at all, that you just don’t want to go for the movies with them because they chomp on their popcorns too loudly, that you just keep nodding all the time is because you weren’t listening and were trying to look intelligent and interested.

Also, that you hate going shopping with them because it embarrasses to hang out with someone with such bad choices, that they slurp when they drink and it irritates you, that you don’t really like discussing sci-fi movies or having endless debates over the micro details of what the Apple products have to offer and most importantly, that you don’t really understand what the hell was Inception all about?

So can we always say this or do we like playing on the lines of diplomacy for the sake of not hurting others. Should we say it like it is? Does it make life easier with everyone just nodding along?

And really, what the hell was Inception all about? I just nod along.

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