Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Has Life Made a Fool Out of You Yet?

So the world “celebrated” April fool’s Day. Apparently is all started because of a misunderstanding and thus the prank and practical jokes. What I really don’t get it is this: doesn’t it all start with a misunderstanding. I mean we really don’t need a day to let others make a fool out of us. Every, every day of our lives is life’s April fool prank on us. Everywhere we go there is something (not someone, but something) which is waiting to pound on you and have the best laugh possible!

 Don’t believe me, I can give you reasons!

  • We are always cute as a baby and somehow it just vanishes as we grow up
  • You are never the “coolest”, “hippest” kid in school / college. And even if you are “the one”, people have branded you as the “snob” or the “b***h” or the playboy!
  • Family reunions will happen the day when you look the chubbiest, have the bout of acne attack, have run out of proper clothes to wear and your hair has gone all frizzy.
  • By the time you figure out what you “really, really” want in life or from life, you are already on your second high paying but the most depressing job ever!
  • The fat kid from high school is suddenly in the glamour industry and you can’t fit into the jeans from last month.
  • Everything yummy has three figure calories.
  • Everything really yummy has four figure calories! (I know it is repeated, but I am trying to stress the point!)
  • Your waist! It has a mind of its own and a size of its own!
  • The prettiest girl in town always lives right next door. Yes, just rub it in my face.
  • The day your car decides to have a breakdown, it chooses the most crowded, god damn awful place to have its heart attack.
  • All great looking men (great, I am not talking about good) are taken, dating impossible-to-beat girls, live on the next continent or are King in the making, getting married!
  • If you speak your mind you are called brash, if you are being sweet you are diplomatic, if you have an opinion you are judgmental, if you don’t have an opinion you are just a dork. What’s with the branding? Who actually came up these words?

Image from Madonna Fans
See, isn’t everything just a big fat joke? Is life just lurking in some corner and laughing at us? What do you think is life’s biggest joke? And yes, what did you do on April Fools? 

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