Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Yes it was Valentine's Day yesterday. The day of love, of cupid, of red roses, of mushy wishes, of heart shaped cakes and muffins and of everything remotely red. I have never liked Valentine’s Day…maybe the jealousy of being single is talking but I still have to make my peace with the day.No matter how much we talk about “Valentine isn't about being with your lover, it is the day of love and it could be your family, friends, anyone”….I say BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. Valentine’s Day is Cupid’s conspiracy to make us, single people, feel miserable, “singled – out” and so “unloved”. And I had this valentine to strengthen my paranoia about the day.

Photo from Dryicons
February 14 was my first day on a new job this year. So I thought…I’ll be busy, the day will just pass and like always, I was so mistaken. Walking to the bus stop, I saw a lady holding a bouquet of red roses and a gift box and beaming…no points for guessing why and she was staring right at me (no I am not imagining things!) … CUPID’S STRIKE NO.1

People at my new “office” weren’t ready for me because they were busy discussing their heart T-shirts they wore to work, so I had to wait for all the “mushy” talk to get over with… CUPID’S STRIKE NO. 2

Walking back home, the ice cream parlor near my house was offering discount rates to “couples”….yes and by couples they meant lovers, not any of “I love my sister very much, now please pass me the chocolate ice cream at the discount price please” nonsense…. CUPID’S STRIKE NO. 3

Do I need more reasons? Sorry Cupid, I am giving up but I ain’t still falling for your trap. I might take time to like you but you have to give us singles a chance.

So how did singles spend valentines? Did cupid make you feel just as miserable? Tell me! And the “non-singles”, you must have been single at some point in time… or just rub some salt into my wounds, how did Feb 14 go?

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