Friday, February 25, 2011


I was at this mall yesterday night.  It was weekend and the mall was crowded like crazy and I was too tired to walk around so I settled on this bench and just waited. And noticed what I haven’t done in a long time….. People! And I was so happy to find that I wasn't the only “weird” person around. So, what are the other odd people I ran into…?

ETERNAL FASHIONISTA: Yes, the complete fashion victim. All done in the latest designer wear, designer bags, a sizzling watch to go with, chic hair, tons of make-up, lots of accessories hanging around from every corner, stuttering away in really uncomfortable six inch heels and not to forget the huge sunglasses – yes, inside the mall at 9 p.m.!

THE SHOPPING BAG: People with loads of shopping bags, dashing into every shop with DISCOUNT written on it, coming out with something they don’t need and probably will never use for the rest of their lives.

THE GIGGLY GROUP: Mostly teenagers, hanging out in groups, giggling at every instant, trying to be “cool”, wearing mixed colors, mismatched “funky” accessories, boys with shiny hats, girls with shiny tops, sometimes noisy, sometimes loud but having pure “fun” trying to be “cool”!

THE ANGRY MOTHER – DAUGHTER DUO : Every one of you must have been through this; an angry mother walking off because daughter wanted a top which will always be “too low cut, too revealing, too inappropriate” and daughter will always be “too young for it”. And the daughter, she is all grumpy and crossed hands and expresses her anger by walking and banging her foot on her floor.

THE WALKING TECHNOLOGY: This is very common now, the biggest mobile in hand, ear phones attached, IPod in the pocket, checking out the gadgets, talking tech lingo and discussing everything digital!

THE LONELY DAD WITH CHILD : This category had been my “company” on the bench. A dad with a child in the stroller and the mother is nowhere to be seen; probably too busy shopping. But oddly, this is pretty common.

ROAD BLOCKER PEOPLE : That’s what I named them… they travel in groups, walk in horizontal lines and have poor or no consideration for the people walking behind them. They cause a “mini – jam” for everyone and talk so loudly that they miss the “excuse me” coming from people behind them.

So, what kind of a mall person are you? Tell me! Or add a new category!

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