Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Weird Weight Loss Techniques!

Now who doesn’t deal with weight problem, or hasn’t dealt with it like ever. If you are the one with “high metabolism”, “I eat everything, but I have don’t put on weight” stop saying it like it is a bad thing. It is a boon; ask us heavy people, we put on weight every time we breathe.

Now every time I am supposed to get on the scale, I have this sudden surge of Blood Pressure. So what works? How does one lose weight? Though you could find a million tips on doing that, here my personal favorites. Though they might be the direct ways of losing weight, they sure will get you up and going:

1. HIRE A CRAZY DOG: Now don’t worry, dogs are wonderful but every time you plan to jog and are feeling lazy, hire a huge fellow (Dog I mean!) and make him bark and chase you across the street. And yes, pay him in advance for a couple of rounds!

2. JENNIFER LOPEZ POSTERS: Yes, boys have them for totally different reasons, but put them up all around you for motivation!

3. FULL LENGTH MIRRORS: Have them fixed all over your house. One look at them will keep you squatting and doing pushups for an hour at least!

4. IMAGINE THE WORST: Every time you reach for a bag of chips, think dark circles, hair fall, acne, pimples, and love handles. If it doesn’t get you running, it might help in putting back the bag of chips and picking up an apple instead.

5. MEDICAL BILLS: Estimate the cost of fighting obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, heart problems and maybe even liposuction. Yes, it is over a five digit number. Maybe more!

So there you go, probably won’t get you losing oodles of weight but will get you running and going for some time at least!

P.S For more serious stuff on weight loss and health care, do check out these amazing ladies: Maureen of Making it All Fit, she does have the best to “make it fit” and Melissa Austin from Bye Bye Fat Girl; love the way she overcomes her challenges and added bonus: she is a personal trainer and the wonderful Carrie Tucker at Heart Failure Solutions.

Have you tried weird, fun ways to lose weight? I would love to hear them and whether they worked or didn’t. Kvetch!

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