Tuesday, April 26, 2011


There is never a “good time” to be single. And that is not a thought, that is my verdict. Final verdict.

Whenever someone tells me, or whenever I read a headline, article or feel good quotes that say “Now is the best time to be single” I say “Rubbish”. There is never such a good timing to be single. Even if YOU are happy with your single status and enjoying the freedom that comes with it, the no hassles of a relationship, the joy of not having to buy anniversary presents and valentine presents and the likes, there are people all around just waiting to attack your “singularity”… coming to think about it when you Google "Singularity" one of them defines it as “peculiarity”! Don’t believe me, check it.
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So coming back to the peculiarity of being single, I was at this family gathering the other day and all eyes were darting back and forth at the “oh-pity-the-helpless-single girl”. The conversations went like this:

“Say, you are like 23 now”

“No (dear distant – remote – meet once in a decade-) aunt… I am a little over 25 now”

“Oh, hmmm… didn’t your sister have a kid by then”

“Oh yes, she did, (but I am not her)”

“Oh yes, you have “different” plans of course, so what are your plans? Isn’t your other sister married too?”

“I am sorry I think I am getting a (fake) phone call”

Thank God for the craze of carrying mobiles everywhere you go, makes escaping a lot easier.

So after my Great Escape I am “confronted” by a younger cousin who has got those eyes that glisten with joy and maybe “pride” (which I see so clearly) of beating her elder cousin to the “battle of getting married first” and this is how the dreaded conversation goes:

“hey you, elder (by some months) cousin, Isn’t my fiancés such a darling, I told I had plans to study more and all and work for little longer before I even think about marriage, you know just like you, but then… he just was so insistent and I HAD to say yes!”

“…..” Nothing, I ain’t saying anything, I am busy nodding my head, eyes wide open with unwanted glee and a smile that is as plastic as plastic can be…

“So, don’t you look lovely tonight…say you’re still single right?”

“….” Nodding head again…. Did she just compliment me and then attacked my “peculiarity singularity” 

Hmmm… hate it when people do that, makes it harder decide whether I like the conversation or just plain hate it.
Time to plan my second Great Escape….

“Oooohhhh… I AM so sorry. Never mind, there is someone out there for you…Your Prince Charming will come someday…Don’t you worry…all right?

Oh the pity attacks... Please don’t do it, it’s not like you stepped over my foot, it is just my heart that is aching to run….

“Thanks a lot…I think I am getting a call….”

So, how did you escape “the attack” as a single or how are you escaping it if you are one of the “doomed”?

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